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Sperry T-1A Bombsight

This World War II bombsight was originally designed by the British (as the Mark XIV bombsight) and first entered service in 1942. It was also made by Sperry, who made improvements. It was used in the B-25 and deHavilland Mosquito bombers. There is a separate sighting head (with attached gyro), which I do not have, that communicated to this computing element. The attachment between the two devices was mechanical (flexible cables). The computation was performed mechanically (with much done pneumatically). A set of replaceable cams were provided which adjusted the unit for each type of plane. Shown on left is an old illustration of the complete system including the sighting head.

We actually are fortunate to have two of these bombsights. One is more complete having its motor installed, while the other is missing its motor (the large hole) but is much cleaner and has its shock mount frame.