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The museum is incomplete: the last change was on 9/11/2014. A change log is here.

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3/7/2015 Yet another long period where I've been consumed with work & museum parts just continue to pile up.

However, some changes have been made. More explanatory text added and a new device in the analog section.

9/11/2014 Another long period where I've been consumed with work & museum parts just continue to pile up.

However, a new WWII Mark 6 fire control computer has arrived & I love old mechanical computers so much that I updated the museum pages.

3/30/2014 An IBM System/32 has been added.

This system is special to me since I worked on its design from 1971-1974. Accordingly, I have given it a "top-level" category in the museum.

8/30/2013 An IBM System/3 Model 6 has been added.

This system is special to me since (1) My first management job in IBM (1969) was developing BASIC software for the Model 6, and (2) I met my wife (then, an IBM programmer) while working on this product. Accordingly, I have given it a "top-level" category in the museum.

3/15/2013 Another major addition added to the old military section: another (yes, I already have one) Sperry S-1 Bombsight.

This new one has several features the earlier one didn't: the M-2 enhancement, made by IBM, a manual, a logbook showing its provenance, and the original transport case.

1/10/2013 A major addition added to the old military section: a very rare Sperry P-4 (Gunsight) Computer.

Also, a new analog computer was added (but with no information, just pictures)

12/19/2012 Some new IBM control panels added to the IBM 705 section.

There are some items here that I can't fully identify; please let me know if you recognize them

12/15/2012 Two important new items added. First is a rare drum storage unit from behind the Iron Curtain. Second is a rare IBM/RAND JOSS console, from one of the first time-sharing systems in the early 1960's. 12/12/2012 Some more IBM plugboards including my favorite, the IBM 407.

12/10/2012 Shame! If you notice below, it has been exactly one year since I updated the site; I was very busy this year. My New Year's resolution is to do much better this year since I have hundreds of items that need to go on the site. I'm in the process of changing the structure of the large "old military" category--see here. As a gesture of good intentions, I've added another rare optical bombsight from the 1950's.

12/10/2011 Added a new type of IBM read-only storage: Balanced Capacitor ROS as used on the System/360 Mod 50. Added a new Farrand sighting mechanism (pictures only for now, text to come soon). It is not clear (to me) whether this is part of a bombsight or a navigation computer. Added the sighting head to the A-4 "Gun Bomb Rocket" Sight (the computing component was already in the museum).

11/27/2011 Added a great new device: a Fairchild A-4 Line-of-Position Computer. Also updated the name and text for the Bendix MG-1 Central Air Data Computer.

11/14-16/2011 Did some cleanup in Old Military section; it now has an index to its contents. Added some text and more pictures to one of our most interesting and rare devices, the B-36 A-1A Bomb Release Computer. Added a APA-16 Radar Bombsight Controller. Also added a new IBM control panel. Added a IBM model 10 keypunch and some modern IBM control panels.

11/1/2011 Added several miscellaneous items that were collecting dust in the back room. In some cases I've just added the pictures; the text will come later. A particularly nice item is a massive control panel from a Honeywell Multics mainframe. Another very interesting item is a tester for the Titan IV ICBM (serial number 1!). The tester for the B-29 Central Station Fire Control computer was added to that section. (Also, updated the K3 gunsight section showing our multiple devices.)

6/1/2011 Added miscellaneous old military stuff that was laying around. We now have the sighting head for our T1A bombsight. We've added some components from a M1 Toss Bomb Computer. Also, a Mk23 Bombsight sighting component. Also, the controller for an AN/ASA-24 Navigation Computer Also, a subassembly from an AN/MSQ-1 Radar Tracking Subassembly Also, a Variable Gunsight Head controller. Also, a Mk18 Gunsight along with several accessories..

4/11/2011 Some new IBM items added: Some System/360 control storage components with lots of text, and a System/360 Model 30 console with no text yet (some coming soon). Also a new CSI Analog Computer added with no text yet.

3/27/2011 Some new IBM items added: A cool IBM Magnetostrictive (wire) Memory and more card equipment plugboards (as well as more text about our card equipment).

11/2/2010 Over last 2 weeks I've done cleanup on the site (spelling, typos, missing pics, etc.) as well as dumped a lot of pics into "incoming" categories under components, and ibm. A couple of items got text, but most of these new items are just pics for now. Here are some minor new items: an Sperry A-5 autopilot control panel (under the S-1 Bombsight),

10/19/2010 A new Sperry T-1A Bombsight unit has been acquired to go with the previous unit. While similar, there are some minor differences betwenn the two.

10/18/2010 A complete Sperry S-1 Bombsight (World War II) has been acquired to go with the previous disassembled S-1.

10/15/2010 A major new encryption item added: a Russian Fialka encryption machine

10/07/2010 New pictures added to various categories (there are hundreds of museum items not yet shown & I'm gradually going to add pictures first, then text), and a major new item added, an IBM 705 Console

9/28/2010 Minor editing and two new pictures in B61 Preflight Controller 8/16/2010 New later military entry created for Canadian Artillery Controller. 8/11/2010 Two new components added in old military: B-1 Bombsight Stabilizer and B-29 Pedestal Gunsight. 8/05/2010 Minor ibm editing & pictures for some IBM plugboards 8/04/2010 New placeholder entry created for IBM 3420 tape Drive. 8/03/2010 New entry created for 3-D Gyro Navigation Device 8/03/2010 ibm category updated for (1) new pictures of 9020 console & (2) placeholder entries for some more IBM equipment: one picture, no text (yet). 7/28/2010 New old military entry created for A-4 gun-bonb-rocket sight, minor edits to this done all week long. 7/26/2010 New top-level topic created for B61 Preflight Controller", edits to this done all week long. 7/26/2010 After a year of ad hoc & desultory updating, I'm trying to get organized; so I'm starting this change log.